Two people have been taken into police custody after a police officer was chased with a shovel and metal pole and a police car was bottled in northern Hawke's Bay.

The incident, near State Highway 2 in Putorino on Monday, happened when police attempted a routine stop on a vehicle, a police spokesperson said.

The occupants threatened the police officer, while another threw a bottle at the windscreen.

One occupant then came at the officer on foot with a shovel, while the other had a metal pole. The officer was forced to get in his patrol car and drive away, before being followed to an address on Waikare Road.


A police spokesperson said: "A nearby school was temporarily put into lockdown as a precaution. The Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) was paged, but not required to attend.

"Officers outside the address negotiated with those inside the address, and all made it out of the house safely.

"Two people were taken into police custody, and are expected to face charges. No police staff or members of the public were injured."