I put two bulls in with 93 heifers and shut the gate. How many were in calf? Answer 93. This feedback is from a client who farms in rough hill country and using only Te Maewa Bulls for about five years, keeping the best heifer replacements. Fertility is the single most important economic trait.

Devons are renowned for their easy calving. At Te Maewa all bull calves are weighed shortly after birth. Special light birth weight bulls are available for heifer mating with low EBVs for calving ease. Calving percentages in the high 90s can be expected with Devons, and 100 per cent calving is not uncommon.

Because of the docile temperament of the breed cattle are safe and easier to work with. You will notice a marked improvement in temperament even in first cross calves.

If you want maximum hybrid vigour, heavier weaners, genuine one winter cattle that can be killed earlier, try a Red Devon Bull. Devons cross well with any breed and when well finished will yield around 60 per cent or more.


Te Maewa is genuine limestone hill country, at 580 metres with very hard winters, dumpings of snow and cold winds, with an annual rainfall of around 1500mm.

I requested MPI to test my herd, to give clients assurance that the herd is clear.
A neighbouring farm tested positive last year.

No trace animals were involved as the herd is closed.