A drunken argument between two friends in Hawke's Bay resulted in one being battered over the head six times with a beer bottle.

Stephen Francis Carroll, 35, appeared in the Hastings District Court before Judge Geoff Rea on Tuesday on a charge of assault with a blunt instrument.

On September 8, 2018, Carroll was drinking heavily with a close friend who had his partner with him at an address in Napier.

As the night proceeded Carroll's behaviour became inappropriate towards his friend's partner.


Eventually she went downstairs to her bedroom and Carroll followed.

She asked him to leave and he went back upstairs only to return again; this time his friend ordered him to leave the room.

Carroll then struck him with a beer bottle six times, causing his head to split open.

The man's partner took him to seek medical attention, leaving Carroll alone at the address.

The man received 16 staples to his head.

"It's concerning to read the report, its seems you really don't get it. It's very serious criminal offending; you need to get your head around that," Judge Rea told Carroll.

However the judge noted Carroll's early plea and along with no history of violence.

He was sentenced to eight months' home detention, with strict instructions to consume no alcohol or drugs.

He was also ordered to attend a drug and alcohol programme, to carry out any counselling and have no contact with the complainant.