Since their humble beginnings at Jazz school, Tunes of I have morphed into a six-piece ensemble, forming their own unique sound.

Originally conceived as a trio, a number of changes led them to become a seven-piece comprised not only of the traditional guitars, vocals, drums and bass, but with the added touch of the saxaphone and trumpet to complete the line-up.

And now, more than seven years since their inception, the Wellingtonians have firmly cemented themselves on the New Zealand music scene, particularly for their dynamic live performances.

Singer and guitarist Conway Jeune says their style has become more "solidified".


"When you are surrounded by so much music, and so many different styles, it can be pretty tricky to pick one particular thing. I still don't think we are one particular thing, because that can get kind of boring as well. So just a more kind of refined mash-up of different styles," he notes.

"We've been labelled as 'Wellington dub rockers', which sounds pretty good to me. We are definitely still very solidly based in the Wellington and New Zealand root sounds that all of us grew up with. But definitely going down that more psychedelic rock path as well."

He says they've taken a lot of influence from the mainly Australian bands they've played with over the last few years.

Their recently released single, Dangerous, signals the start of their upcoming sophmore album - their first since last year's EP Wicked Ways.

Taking inspiration from their unique blend of dub, soul, funk and psychedelia, the song has a more roots inspired sound. It crescendos into a hard-hitting chorus with a heavy rock influence and memorable hook.

But Jeune says its up to the audience to interpret the meaning for themselves.

"[It] tells the story of tiptoeing on the edge of temptation, being torn between the sanctuary of safety or choosing to dabble in the danger zone."

He said it came about rather naturally during a night at his house.


"We were just jamming on this idea that our drummer gave us, he had this dark, Latin, kind of sounding bass line ... and we kept going with that and out came the song."

It will be recorded at the famed Surgery Studios, with renowned, Lee Prebble, whom they have a "good working relationship with".

They are back from touring around Australia and have embarked on a six-date North Island tour.

The region holds special memories for the group. Back in 2012, they were asked to perform at the Waiata Maori Music Awards ceremony in Hastings, where they were bestowed with an Emerging Artist award.

Tunes of I will perform at the Common Room in Hastings on Saturday, December 8.