IF I had to describe Little & Fox with one word, it would be vibrant.

When I walked into this amazing space on West Quay in Ahuriri I was instantly surrounded by colour. It jumped out at me from the walls, the floors and the ceiling.

I couldn't wait to explore but first I wanted to speak with the owner of this gorgeous "affordable textile, boutique upholstery and design store", Asha Payton, about their Wallpaper and Design Evening with special guests Amy Moore and her partner Stu Watts- winners of the 2018 The Block NZ.

"On the evening of November 28, from 6pm to 8pm, we will be introducing wallpaper. If you are thinking about using wallpaper in your home or business, don't miss this," Asha said.


"Wallpaper has made a big comeback recently. People are embracing colour, texture and patterns - it's back in thank goodness - and wallpaper is a great way to do it. I'm not just talking about a feature wall either. People are being bold enough to do an entire space and it looks fantastic. We believe in colour here.

"We have a huge selection of wallpaper from digital print to the traditional roll printed paper and we work with New Zealand's best fabric houses making sure we offer our clients a massive variety."

Included in this wonderful space is a workroom. It's not hidden away behind closed doors but rather sits proudly in the open.

While I looked around a staff member - one of eight - was busy sewing away. They make curtains, cushions, blinds and lamp shades - you name it, really. I imagine if you threw an idea at them they would work something out. They also have an upholsterer and they import rugs from Eastern Europe.

"Designing is all about layering and texture - telling a story. But it's not our story we are telling it's yours. We certainly don't push our way of thinking on to clients. Come in with your own ideas and we will help you get there - tell your own story.

"We don't follow trends here. Everyone is unique. My advice is to go with what you love. There used to be a right and wrong way of design but not now. Life is too short - if you like something do it. Social media has opened up insights on just how bold you can be. These days anything goes and that's just fantastic.

"We want to be that place that helps you get there. If you have an old sofa and you want to cover it in purple and green, we wouldn't think it was wrong. In fact we would say 'whaooo, go for it'," Asha said.

Little & Fox, which will celebrate two years in business in January 2019, does free measure and quotes for curtains and blinds throughout Hawke's Bay - including Central Hawke's Bay with Nes Kilmister. Asha, who has four children, named her business after her youngest children, twins Fox and Pepe.

"Pepe means baby in Maori, so it was a play on words," Asha said.

Back to the Wallpaper and Design Evening. Amy and Stu from The Block will speak as will Jason, who hails from Gisborne and restores and reuses wood.

Tickets are just $20 - there is a cap so don't wait until the last minute. There will be wine from Clearview, food from The Huntess, spot prizes and a big sale.

To purchase tickets go to www.littleandfox.co.nz and hit design night or phone 834 1368.

Little & Fox is at 48 W Quay, Ahuriri, Napier. Opening hours are 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturday.