Woodville's new library and iSite building functions as the gateway to Tararua and is an opportunity, in tough times, to attract passing traffic.

"We've needed a good team to make this happen and the building has been finished beautifully and will attract visitors," Peter Wimsett, Tararua District Council's manager strategy and district development, said at the official opening.

Strategically sited on Woodville's Vogel St, the premises will also be the site of Tararua's first electric-car charging station.

Built by the team from Peter Greatbatch Building, the new premises are on the site of the former district council engineering services building.


The capital budget forecast for the project was $540,000, but doesn't include the new toilets or the $140,000 spent to acquire adjacent land.

"Peter Greatbatch has been a pleasure to work with," Mr Wimsett said.

Tararua District mayor Tracey Collis said it made her proud to see the project from start to finish, from being part of the consultation process, working with the community and having the privilege of opening the building.

"The Tararua District Council has always been confident of Woodville's growth and potential as the entranceway to Tararua and we're proud to have our district iSite here," she said.

"The library/service centre and iSite is stunning and will encourage people to stop and spend time in Woodville.

"Council is pleased to have provided a building which will meet the needs and expectations of our community and the library will become the heart of the Woodville community.

"Staff here will be working extremely hard through this challenging time to promote our district and Woodville to visitors.

"With State Highway 3 through the Manawatu Gorge closed, this new iSite could not have come at a better time to be able to put our full focus on tourism and highlight all we have to offer.

"And the appointment of our new economic development manager, Mark Maxwell, couldn't have been timed better, either."

Mrs Collis said with the grim news about the future of the Manawatu Gorge, Mr Maxwell would have a commitment to assisting businesses in Woodville.

She said the Woodville community had carried out the hard conversations and chose to combine its service centre and library with an additional office available for meetings.

"It will become a meeting and learning place and a place where people connect to each other and a world of ideas and information.

"Project manager Violet Christison has owned, lived and breathed this project and we are so very thankful for her dedication, passion and commitment to making this building so successful for Woodville.

"Even before this project was complete you could see Violet had everything under control. I'm sure the builders, electricians and anyone involved would agree.

"She kept everyone to schedule and budget."

Mrs Collis said she loved the stonework at the entrance to the building, the seating and the natural look.

"Thank you to the Galloway family for the special donation of the iconic Coppermine rocks featured in the front gardens," she said.

Mrs Christison said it had been a joy to work with everyone on the project - once they sorted out the communication.

"In one afternoon we made Alliance staff move those rocks out front around and around.

"Blair [King], Peter [Wimsett] and Raj [Suppiah] made me project manager and tonight it's all about celebrating completion," she said