The potential threat to land from a tsunami coming ashore in Hawke's Bay has now lifted, after last night's significant Cheviot 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

Hawke's Bay Civil Defence & Emergency Management Group activated the region's Emergency Coordination Centre shortly after midnight last night, but deactivated in the day.

Operational staff of councils and support agencies continue to monitor conditions around the region, responding as required.

A Marine and Beach 'Warning' status remains, so people can still expect unusually strong currents and unpredictable water flows near the shore.


This means a threat to beach, harbour, estuary and small boat activities.

The severity of currents and changing water flows will vary within a particular coastal area and over the period this warning is in effect. This warning will remain in effect until a cancellation message is issued by MCDEM.

Updates can be found on the hbemergency facebook page, and at