Havelock North resident and designer Andy Coltart is calling on people to "get off their butts" and stump up for the remaining $40,000 needed to meet a $150,000 community contribution to the Havelock North Village Green re-development.

The Hastings District Council had already committed $1.5 million to the initiative, but called on residents to raise $150,000 towards an extra $300,000 to include the restoration and relocation of the near 80-year-old cricket pavilion as part of the revamp.

The building was moved on August 31 to the Te Mata Rd side of the park.

Lobbying to move and renovate the pavilion was led by Mr Coltart, who this week said he was disappointed that the wider community was not getting behind the project. To date $110,000 had been raised, mostly from the founding families of the village environs.


"I'm irritated that other residents are not seeing it as a massive facility going forward and helping fund the rest.

"Why should these same people shoulder the whole burden when everyone gets to benefit?

"The village is in great shape, the sun's shining - people need to get off their butts, go down and have a look at what's happening and support this."

He said that with the pavilion move already completed and the project well on its way the aim was to finish at a high level.

"We want parents and grandparents to step up and help us, it should not be too much to ask with a local population of 12,000 to 13,000 people."

From a council perspective, a spokesperson said this was the "final big push" to get the cash together to finish the project.

They said five individual donors had contributed $105,000 to the fund, while $5000 had come from the community through a givealittle page set up by the Havelock North Business Association, as well as people purchasing pavers and trees.

They said that if the extra $40,000 was not raised the overall plan could be trimmed, including cutting down on park furniture and landscaping, a situation they wanted to avoid.

-To donate go to the givealittle page at https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/villagegreenredevelopment, or purchase a paver or tree (pledge cards for this are in Havelock North shops as well as the website www.havelocknorthnz.com). For more information contact the Hastings District Council.

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