Guji Guji
Little Dog Barking Theatre Company, New Zealand
The Spiegeltent, Village Green
Havelock North
October 15
Reviewed by Linda Hall

There's something about children's laughter that just makes you feel good.

I can't help but smile in response when I hear children giggling so I had a permanent grin in the Spiegeltent on Saturday during the performance of Guji Guji. Oh except when the bad crocodiles made an appearance.

It was a delightfully simple tale of a strange egg ending up in a duck's nest. When the eggs hatch mother duck finds she has not three babies but four, with one being very different.


That's what the story is about, being different, bullying (from the bad crocodiles) and what a huge difference family love makes.

Clever puppetry and sound effects had the tent full of laughter as the mother duck strained to lay her eggs, each coming out with a loud pop.

There was silence when the screen went dark and all you could see were beady eyes. All eyes were glued to the screen as the crocodiles threatened mother duck and her babies.

But the odd duckling named Guji Guji devises a plan to keep his family safe.

The show went for 45 minutes which was long enough to tell the story and keep the children's attention. Even the thunder storm seemingly right overhead didn't distract the littlies from the screen.

Well done to the puppeteers who took a bow at the end of the show to loud applause.

The show was part of the Harcourts Hawke's Bay Arts Festival which finished yesterday.