For the first time a group of 120 officer cadets gathered in Central Hawke's Bay for an eight day intense training course that ended yesterday.

The Officer Cadet School of New Zealand is army specific and trains future officers for regular force in the army. This meant they would go on to be equipped to serve the country as full time officers.

A New Zealand Cadet Force spokesman said they previously held the training in Waikato but because the class was bigger this year they had to move to a larger township.

"The camp has gone really well, the locals have been forthcoming with ideas on where to train and they have offered up their properties, producing great settings for our exercises."


The spokesman said the bottom line was about assessing leadership.

"We look at working and integrating with civilians. We do everything from reassurance patrol where the officers engage with the public to high risk arrest where they take the role of the police."

"This happens in countries where they do not have a solid government operating so the cadets have to be prepared to step in until the government are able to look after themselves again."

The group of officer cadets ranged from 18yrs to 36yrs of age and the spokesman said it was great because it gave a broad spectrum.

"The younger ones are certainly tested as they have had less experience but it is good to watch."

The training course, which began on the 22nd of September, finished yesterday.

The spokesman thanked the members of the public for being so accommodating and helpful towards their exercises and course.