Fresh thinking and ideas are what the youngest Napier City Council candidate promises to bring to the table, if elected in October.

Born and raised in Napier, 23-year-old Andy Mason has announced his candidacy for an "at large" seat.

"Napier needs a young councillor with integrity and trust to be able to perform for the people," he said.

"I am that person and encourage transparency and communication.


"I have no personal agendas, no hidden past, everything is open."

This campaign will be different to the one he ran three years ago for the 2013 elections - being one of the youngest candidates ever to seek local body election in Hawke's Bay had given him experience and helped "get my name out there".

While he had no budget for his last campaign, Mr Mason said this time he was planning "to go all out".

As well as being passionate about the council's current initiatives, Mr Mason said he was keen to address youth issues and help bring younger people back to the city.

If residents wanted change, Mr Mason said he would become an advocate for that - either by guiding them through the process for change to happen, or "passionately becoming your delegate" to deal with issues in the community.

Since standing in 2013, he had gained a bachelor's degree in computer science and worked for a local software development company.

As well as being capable, passionate and a fresh set of eyes for council, Mr Mason said there were many things that needed to happen in Napier, even from a technological standpoint.

"I see solutions to problems which can be solved by new technologies," he said, "Also new social patterns and challenges being caused by this interconnection, which need to be addressed.

"Now, more than ever, communities need to provide each other with the support needed to overcome this wave of challenges sweeping our young generation."

The Taradale resident said he was a strong believer that "if you have a problem with something, don't wait for others to fix it".

"Research, learn and communicate to provide those with responsibility [with] solutions, rather than problems."