With a $3600 profit from last November's national Red Hat convention in Dannevirke members of the EvaReady Cherry Chicz didn't want the money sitting in a bank.

"We're a not-for-profit disorganisation and we don't keep accounts," Kween Chookie, Kathryn Mulinder, said. "We required a nil balance and our bank account closed once we'd completed our commitment as hostesses of last November's national Red Hat conference, so the profits are being gifted back to our community."

Last November's conference pumped thousands of dollars into our community as 150 Red Hatters from around New Zealand and Australia celebrated in Dannevirke. Accommodation in Dannevirke and the surrounding district was sold out and the women and some husbands shopped and shopped.

"After the conference we agreed we'd look within our community for those who imitated the Red Hat principals of embracing life, remaining positive and most importantly, not forgetting the child in all of us and remembering to have fun," Kathryn said. "We found it very challenging, but the three we chose to support we feel fitted with our values. Thanks to the generosity of our community resulting in our profits being a little more than we had anticipated we were able to donate money to three recipients."


The $3600 was split between the Toy Library, the police youth mentoring programme run by senior constable Wayne Churchouse and athlete Brodie Smith who will be attending the world triathlete age group championships in Mexico in September.

"It's a very generous and unexpected donation," Brodie said.

Senior constable Wayne Churchouse will use the money to support his youth programmes.

Mr Churchouse told the Dannevirke News he had already had huge success working with young people and he was extremely grateful for the donation.

"This money will go a long way."

Mr Churchouse takes groups of young people camping around New Zealand and through his knowledge of the outdoors he has encouraged them to review and question their own life decisions, Mrs Mulinder said.

"Wayne's work is little known within our community and he often funds trips on a limited budget and I also know he works unobtrusively and privately mentoring some of our local youth," she said.

Sandy Thorstesen of the Dannevirke Toy Library was reduced to tears when she realised the size of the donation. "Oh my gosh, if we'd been given $150 it would have been awesome, but this has almost left me speechless," she said.