Allan Sherborne hadn't been on a bike for 40 years when he bought a new set of wheels.

The 69-year-old now spends two hours whizzing down the limestone paths almost every day.

"I feel 62 now," he laughs.

Mr Sherborne took retirement last year and was unsure about how he would fill his days.


He got talking to a group of Australian retirees while he and his wife were on a Route 66 tour. They told him they get on their bikes and ride to the coffee shop each day.

So when Mr Sherborne returned home to Havelock North he went into Cycle Nation and bought himself a bike.

As he was biking home from the shop he thought "oh this is hard work".

He persisted though, starting out with small rides and building up his endurance.

Every morning he gets up, checks the weather and if fine, he is out the door. He has ridden along the coast to Clive and Napier and taken the trail to Taradale. His favourite ride is out to Haumoana for the breathtaking scenery.

Before buying the bike, Mr Sherborne had a few health issues and spent a few months sitting about feeling poorly. That was now a distant memory. He is healthy, fit and lighter.

"I feel much better. It's no good sitting down wondering what you're going to do each day."

He has his bike computer set so he tries to maintain 20.7km/h all the way out to Clive.

"There's no stress on your legs, it's just pedalling along at a steady comfortable pace," he said.

He's built up his stamina and he's working on his speed. He puts his foot down until he reaches a gate in the distance before easing off a gate and then repeating. "I honk along nicely."

Mr Sherborne has led a pretty active life playing rugby and racing speedway in his younger days. He and his wife also spent a lot of their time following their children in their athletic and soccer pursuits.

His children welcomed their father's new hobby as long as he didn't push it too hard.

And as for the Australians who suggested the idea, Mr Sherborne emailed them saying he'd gone well past the coffee shop.