School holiday programme staff received an icy dunking yesterday as part of a viral campaign to raise money for cancer sufferers.

115 kids participating in the K.A.S. Care Holiday Programme watched seven of the programme's staff brave buckets of icy water to raise money for the Cancer Society in Havelock North's Guthrie Park yesterday afternoon.

Each staff member was dunked with two buckets of iced water while standing in a frigid bucket, which was also poured over them.

K.A.S. Care co-owner Julie Field said the idea came about when one of her staff, Nicole, was tagged in a viral Facebook campaign called the Ice Water Challenge on Wednesday.


Anyone tagged in the campaign had to do the challenge and donate $10 to a cancer charity or, if they chose not to do it, donate $100.

Six of Nicole's colleagues jumped on board and the event raised $290 for the Cancer Society.

"The kids loved it and the staff were really into it, too."

Flaxmere councillor Henare O'Keefe was also set for a dunking next week, after his children challenged him as part of the campaign.

Mr O'Keefe said his version of the challenge would take place in the Hastings CBD "rain, hail or snow," on Monday at 1.30pm.

Mr O'Keefe, along with Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule and Tukituki Labour candidate Anna Lorck, would get three buckets of iced water poured over them, while they soaked their feet.

"It's to show people that we [the council] are more than just bricks and mortar."

Other unnamed guests were billed to take part and Mr O'Keefe had extended the challenge to the Hawke's Bay Regional Council and Napier City Council.

The proceeds would be donated to Cranford Hospice.