Dannevirke's Metalform has a problem many in business would envy - not enough product to fill their orders.

Now the innovative company has put on a night shift to meet demand.

"We're building frantically to meet demand," company director and designer Geoff Easton said.

On Monday, George Freeman, the national sales manager for the company's popular Tow and Fert machines was driving a truck loaded with five of the machines to the South Island and there's another load ready to be sent to Northland.


"Last Friday we shipped our first full container of Tow and Collect machines to the United Kingdom and we've got markets in France, Japan and the United States, along with a growing demand from Australia," Mr Easton said.

Metalform has shipped Tow and Collect machines and mowers to the United States and Australia, with Tow and Collects being sold from a warehouse in Georgia, in the United States, the result of online sales.

"You could say we've a little bit on at the moment," Mr Easton said. "For farmers the Tow and Fert machine is more cost effective, reducing their fertiliser needs by half when compared to a conventional fertiliser regime."

Allan Benbow, Metalform's general manager, said the Tow and Fert drew an excellent response at the Mystery Creek Field Days in Hamilton.

"We'll be working for months servicing those enquiries," he said. "It's also exciting selling machines which are helping to manage nutrient leaching run-off on farms while remaining sustainable."

The key to the company's continued to success is a combined effort between a skilled design team and staff, Mr Benbow said.

Tararua District mayor Roly Ellis agrees. "Metalform have some exceptional senior management and staff and are well respected here in New Zealand and overseas," he said. "I'm delighted the company has won these contracts and it's good Dannevirke has such an innovative firm which has established a very good track record in a diverse range of products, including farm machinery and wheelchairs. Metalform's great growth potential and sustainability is extremely important for our district."

With Horizons Regional Council rolling out their One Plan, the environmental road map for farming in the district, Mr Benbow said the Tow and Fert has a vital role to play. "Using the machine allows farmers to reduce the amount of nitrogen they apply and still grow the same amount of grass, but with reduced nitrogen leaching which is critical to the One Plan."


"This product really does help farmers mitigate the risk of using nitrogen and is widely recognised by farmers around New Zealand. That's why there's a strong demand for the machine."