Adidas's refusal to change the price of the All Blacks jersey and violent and destructive riots in London are among the most read stories in New Zealand onlione at 9am on Tuesday.  Top stories are dominated by the disaster unfolding on world financial markets, the ongoing riots in London and Adidas's refusal to lower the price of All Black jerseys and its apparent attempts to block New Zealanders from buying them overseas at half the price they are retailed for here.       
The Google News New Zealand lead headline is from the Guardian and says "Police apologise to Mark Duggan's family for failing to keep them informed".  The story says a row has broken out between British police and the body charged with investigating them over who let down the family of Mark Duggan by failing to keep them informed of what had happened to him. It features a story from the BBC which says more Gulf Arab nations have withdrawn their ambassadors from Syria as the government's crackdown against protesters continues unabated. And another top story from says the death of an engineer at Blenheim Airport yesterday was a "shocking" tragedy, Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe said.  The most popular story from says London is in lockdown as riot police fought running battles with youths across the city and tried to head off a third consecutive night of looting and violence.
The lead headline online says "Kiwis caught in London violence". The web site says New Zealanders in London are staying at home as rioting spreads across the English city, and now into the country's second largest city, Birmingham. It says New Zealand is among the countries Standard & Poor's warns could suffer in a environment of slower world growth and heightened risk aversion. And it says riot police have faced off with youths in fresh violence in London in the third day of disorder after some of the worst rioting in the British capital in years at the weekend. The most popular story says Adidas New Zealand says they won't change the price of the All Blacks jersey.
The top headline says  "Global markets take another pounding ". The web site says global stocks took another pounding overnight as worries over the downgrade of US debt rumble on through markets. It says rugby great Sir Colin Meads has backed rugby fans angry at the price of the new All Blacks jersey, saying it is simply being used to make money. And it says riots spread to new areas of London while looting also erupted the city of Birmingham as Britain's worst unrest in decades escalated in a third night of violence. The most popular story says a former Kapiti mortgage broker being investigated by police says a new business she is representing is "snowballing" and she wants to pay back clients within a year.
The Radio New Zealand lead headline online says "Shares plunge on Wall Street". The web site says Wall Street stocks tumbled in heavy trading on Monday as jittery investors responded to Standard & Poor's decision to cut the United States credit rating on Friday. It says US President Barack Obama has sought to reassure world financial markets by saying he knows America's budget deficit needs to be tackled. And it says rioting has spread in London with street clashes breaking out in the south and east of the city.
 The 3 News top story online has the headline "Wall Street drops sharply following credit downgrade". The web site says Wall Street has followed other markets and taken a tumble this morning in the wake of the historic move to strip the US of its top credit rating. It says President Barack Obama on Monday essentially dismissed the first-ever downgrade of the US credit rating, trying to reassure investors and the public that the nation's leaders need only show more "common sense and compromise" to tame a staggering accumulation of debt. And it says Adidas is not only digging its toes in over the pricing of its All Blacks jerseys – it now appears to be blocking imports from cheaper online stores. The most commented on story says $220 is the cost to buy a replica All Blacks jersey which is almost twice what you pay for them in the US.
The One News lead headline says "Buildings set ablaze in London, riots escalate". The web site says in the most popular story buildings have been set ablaze in at least three areas of London, as rioting in the British capital escalates. It says Wall Street has taken a dramatic tumble today with its main indexes finishing the session down over 5%.  And it features a video showing horrific scenes of fires burning out of control in Croydon, south London.
The Newstalk ZB lead headline says "Retailers will struggle to drop price". The web site says there's doubt retailers will be able to afford to drop the price of the new All Blacks jersey. It features a Mike Hosking editorial which says if you ever wanted a good case study or lesson on how to damage your brand, have a look at Adidas. And it says riots have broken out in the London borough of Hackney - a sign unrest is spreading through the city. The most read story says Prime Minister John Key is painting a rosy picture of the New Zealand economy in the face of the share market taking a hammering today because of the credit rating downgrade of the United States.
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