Sol3 Mio Black Back to Basics tour
Barn Vineyards
Saturday, March 9
Tickets from Ticketek or Black Barn

Sol3 Mio first won the hearts and minds of the nation in 2012, with their natural humour and tremendous vocal abilities. Since then they have experienced a meteoric rise, performing in esteemed theatres around the world.

But the operatic trio, consisting of Samoan-Kiwi tenor brothers Pene and Amitai Pai and their baritone cousin Moses Mackay remain humble despite their success.

The past two years has seen them take a break from the group, focusing on their solo opera and pop careers.


Speaking on the phone from his home in Auckland, Amitai is fresh from being an Adler Fellow at the prestigious San Francisco Opera since 2017.

"It's been a very rewarding two years," he says. "It's definitely helped me grow as a performer and as an artist ... they always help you to raise the bar every time and they help with your confidence."

During his time overseas, he was signed to opera management in the UK. An opportunity which will open the door to bigger and better things, he says. Although, it means moving to England is on the cards.

"I remember the first time that my brother announced that he got his operatic management and it was a goal for me to set for myself over the past two years to try and do the same thing because he is onto bigger and better things now.

"Everything is falling into place nicely, as they should be. I am not trying to rush myself and I think the same with the other two, they are not rushing themselves either. I think it is a nice thing to be able to sit back and let things fall as they should."

This month, they are embarking on a special concert tour across the North Island, before the three once again head away to progress their individual careers.

It will be them in their most intimate and purest form - three voices and a piano - with a brand new repertoire of songs and anecdotes from their adventures around the globe over the past 12 months.

"We've missed being able to see everyone's faces and communicate directly with our audiences during performances. So we're looking forward to doing that in these shows, as well as meeting everyone for meet and greets and signings after the shows."


They are conscious about not neglecting Sol3 Mio and constantly keep in contact.

"There are some big things coming up at the end of this year. We can't announce them just yet but things are looking good."