Driving up the private road toward The Farm at Cape Kidnappers I could feel myself starting to relax.

I was headed for The Farm's Spa while my colleague, Anendra Singh, played a round of golf on the world-class Cape Kidnappers golf course.

I knew what I'd rather be doing.

In a matter of minutes I would be lying down for a luxurious 50-minute massage.


I was greeted on arrival at the lodge and directed to the spa where I was meet by massage therapist Callum Marsh.

Callum has been at The Farm for five years and "absolutely loves it".

"Just look where I work," he said gesturing out the window to the breathtaking views.

Callum had me at ease within seconds, he was relaxed, humorous and obviously happy in his work.

He talked me through what my treatment would be: first a full body (well not quite) exfoliation using a lavender scrub; then, after a steam shower, I had the choice of a relaxing or remedial massage.

As I had a few tender spots, especially in my neck, I chose the remedial.

The lavender scrub felt amazing, it left my skin tingling.

I had the shower and then it was time for my lavender massage.

Callum started with my neck and shoulders and spend quite some time massaging out the months of hunching over a computer. It was absolutely divine.

He said he had noticed a huge increase over the years of people with neck and shoulder issues.

"That's where we carry all our tension. People sit for hours hunched over computers. They used to get a break when walking to cars or going for lunch with heads up ... and swinging their arms.

"Now people walk holding a phone in front of them with their head down".

Callum says the benefits of massage are huge. "It's a good holistic approach to health and well-being. Everyone gets something different from massage whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional.

"It's a very personal experience."

The smell of the lavender made me feel so relaxed. However, Callum wasn't giving me a light little massage. He was working hard and it felt invigorating.

He is also trained in reflexology and when he got to my feet he certainly hit some tender spots, holding the pressure on them until they released.

It has been years since I had a full body massage and I'm going to make sure it's not years before I have another. It was quite simply superb. Three days later as I write this I'm still feeling the benefits. My neck feels better and my skin feels amazing - soft and much smoother than it was.

Now it was time to meet my colleague and have lunch. I have to say I was really excited about the food. Head chef James Honore is so clever when it comes to flavour.

The menu at The Farm changes daily so you just never know what you are going to get.

We started with an amuse-bouche, a little dish designed to stimulate the tastebuds. It was tomato and goat's cheese. Simple fresh and divine.

The starter was shellfish and ramen with pancetta, scallion, lime and dashi ginger broth.

Again this dish was light and fresh, top class.

The main was Hawke's Bay lamb loin and rump, Jerusalem artichoke, carrot and chard with thyme juice.

It looked beautiful and tasted the same. The meat was tender and juicy, the vegetables cooked to perfection.

Dessert was carrot cake, cream cheese mousse, pineapple and walnut and muscovado ice cream. What can I say - crunchy walnuts, creamy ice cream, fresh carrot cake, delicious tangy pineapple - it was divine and finished off a suburb meal.

The special offered by The Farm for locals is the perfect chance to visit a world-class spot right on our doorstep.

Couples Golf & Spa: One For You, One For Me

Everyone is happy with this fabulous Spa and Golf Offer - the perfect solution for couples or friends who have different ideas on how to spend a perfect day! While one tee's off for a spectacular round of golf on the world-class Cape Kidnappers' golf course, the other relaxes at the beautiful Cape Kidnappers spa, indulging in a soothing 50-minute massage.
Both come together after their equally enjoyable mornings for a three-course lunch in the lodge dining room, taking in the stunning views of Hawke's Bay and sharing stories of their personalised experiences! Just for locals this can be all yours for $435.

There's also the opportunity to upgrade the package. Phone The Farm on (06) 875 1900.