IT'S FUN to strut your stuff and have a good time at the races, but as Vania Bailey says, don't forget etiquette.

Vania has entered Fashion in the Field in previous years, though she's not sure whether she will this year.
"It depends on how I feel on the day," she said.

"It's something a bit out of my comfort zone but it is fun. If you look good, why not show it off. After all the effort you've gone to and the money spend - show it off, have a good time."

However, Vania says don't forget etiquette.
"You don't want to be a show pony. You need to look polished but most importantly you need to feel comfortable in your own skin.


"Don't reveal too much. Remember the rules - if you are showing off a bit of cleavage then wear a longer skirt. If you have a long split in your dress don't show off your chest. Don't have everything on show - be discreet.

"Accessories are important to pull your outfit together - shoes, short gloves and a matching fascinator or hat.

"If you are going to wear something fitted make sure you wear the right garments underneath so there are no outlines or bumps.

"If you decide on a spray tan, have a trial a few weeks before - you don't want to turn orange on the day. Book your hair, nails and makeup in advance. Don't leave everything until the last minute."

Vania says spring is all about colour but there is still room for the classic black and white, which is always popular on race day.

"People are tired of the gloomy winter colours so race day is a chance to splash some pretty colours and light fabrics around.

"However, the most important thing on the day is to feel comfortable. You don't want to be that girl who takes her shoes off half way through the day and walks around in bare feet.

"If you think you won't be able to last all day in your heels, take a pair of flat shoes. If it's cold, take a jacket.


"Why do women have to stand in a tiny dress and freeze? The horses certainly don't care. Be yourself. You don't have to dress like a certain celebrity. Wear what you want."

When it comes to makeup Vania says accentuate your best feature. If you have lovely white teeth and good lips, wear red lipstick, which looks great with nude eyes. False eyelashes are great and of course eyebrows are important. This is my new forte. Keep them to their natural shape and define with two types of powder. Most importantly, comb them up so they have a nice natural lift.

"If it's a windy day tie your hair up and wear a matte lipstick, not a gloss, so if your hair does blow into your face it doesn't stick to your lips."

Vania has recently ventured into the world of permanent makeup. She is a brow architect, which involves feathering, otherwise known as micro-blading. The procedure is semi-permanent and lasts for about a year. She went to Australia for training and says it has really taken off in Hawke's Bay.