Following the Government announcements on Covid-19 alert levels in Auckland and wider New Zealand, the Trust Waikato Hamilton City premier indoor netball competition games scheduled for August 13 were cancelled.

In the top six teams Nottingham Castle Rangers should have played FTNC Premier; St Peters Premier play Hamilton Girls High School Langman, and Verdettes Marist Old Girls play University of Waikato Premier.

In the bottom six teams Morrinsville College Open A should have played Allied HOB Premier; Iwi Karearea Premier play Waikato Diocesan Open A and FTNC Premier Reserve play University of Waikato Premier Reserve.

This week saw the teams play without any spectators under Covid-19 alert level 2 which made for an entirely different atmosphere.


This is the fourth week of the second round of the premier indoor netball competition and there were some really close games again.

The closest was that between Allied HOB Premier and FTNC Premier Reserve with just one goal the difference.

Holly Aitchison playing for Morrinsville Open A. Photo / File
Holly Aitchison playing for Morrinsville Open A. Photo / File

This was a game of two halves. Allied HOB Premier started well to lead by two goals at the end of the first quarter. The score was 10 goals to 8.

They were also strong in the second quarter, strengthening their lead with the halftime score being 22 goals to 15.

Then the tables turned and FTNC Premier Reserve won the third quarter to reduce the gap to just four goals.

The three-quarter score was 32 goals to 28. The final quarter also went FTNC Premier Reserves way and they came within one goal of causing a draw.

Allied HOB Premier won the game 41 goals to 40. For Allied HOB Premier it was a tight and strongly contested game with FTNC Premier Reserve using their strong bench to come close to winning.

Lucy Ross at goal shoot shot with accuracy and capitalised on making angles that enabled her midcourt players to feed the ball to her easily.


Aroha Salu at wing defence applied defensive pressure consistently. Victoria Simeon at goal keep and Luana Wickliffe at goal defence confused the space and got a number of tips and rebounds making it difficult for the opposition shooters to find their rhythm.

Allied HOB Premier remained focused and their experienced players stepped up to show leadership and calmness at vital moments in the game.

For FTNC Premier Reserve the team failed to change gear in the second quarter and watched their opposition full away.

An injury late in the quarter saw a change that changed the dynamics of the game.
Melissa Bowkett coming on at centre showed no hesitation delivering ball into space and as a result opened up through court attack play. Unfortunately, it was not enough to take the win.

The other close game in the bottom six teams was that between Waikato Diocesan Open A and University of Waikato Premier Reserve. Waikato Diocesan Open A started confidently and had a six goal lead at the end of the first quarter with the score being 10 goals to 4.

After that University Premier Reserve won the next three quarters going from strength to strength to eventually win the game.


The halftime score was 17 goals to 16 and by three quarter time the scores were drawn at 27 all. The final score was 39 goals to 36.

For University Premier Reserve it was a slow start with unforced errors. These were corrected in the second quarter to get themselves back into the game.

This in the main down to the defensive gains from Olivia Hooker at goal keep and Rongo Waerea-Hohaia at goal defence along with calm and accurate shooting from Maddison Oliver-Coffey at goal attack and Jade Kawhe at goal shoot. A full team effort saw them take the win.

For Waikato Diocesan they started off well in the first quarter however, consistency was again an issue and the opposition were able to work themselves back into the game.

The defensive effort was excellent especially by Holly Isaac in goal defence. Isaac picked up a number of intercepts and tips, however, most of these turnovers were not able to be converted due to an excellent job by the opposition defence. A great game.

The closest game amongst the top six teams was that between University of Waikato Premier and Hamilton Girls High School Langman Premier.


University Premier started well to lead by 10 goals to 6 at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter was almost goal for goal with the halftime score being 18 goals to 13.

HGHS Langman had a dominant third quarter to close the gap to be just two goals adrift with the score being 22 goals to 20.

The final quarter was again very close with the final score being 29 goals to 26. For University Premier it was a strong first half.

Georgie Edgecombe at centre was a great ball carrier on attack and was a menace on defence getting lots of turnover ball.

The opposition came back strong in the third quarter but it was the experience within the University team that got them the win.

For HGHS Langman it was a great game and some great defensive work bought them back into contention in the third quarter with Hannah Coffin at goal keep and Liza Ball at goal defence pairing up nicely in the defence circle.


They were assisted by some great contributions by Georjah Riley-Huaki at wing defence and Kaiya Kepa at centre.

In the other games FTNC Premier and St Peters Premier had a good game however St Peters had a slow start and this cost them dearly.

The remainder of the quarters were very close with FTNC Premier also finishing strongly. FTNC Premier led by 24 goals to 15 at halftime and won the game 47 goals to 33.

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Nottingham Castle Rangers also had a great game against Verdettes Marist Old Girls and again a slow start and having to play catch up netball saw Marist Old Girls suffer another loss.

They did however close the gap in the second half. Castle Rangers were consistent across the four quarters. The halftime score was 25 goals to 11 and the fulltime score was 48 goals to 39.

In the other game Iwi Karearea Premier had a comprehensive win against Morrinsville College Open A but Morrinsville College had a great third quarter showing how competitive they can be.


The halftime score was 25 goals to 10 and the fulltime score was 43 goals to 19.

With only three weeks to go in the competition everyone is hoping we will be back to Covid-19 alert level 1 so that spectators can enjoy these games including the finals.

Indoor Premier Results

• FTNC Premier 47 vs St Peters Premier 33
• Verdettes Marist Old Girls 39 vs Nottingham Castle Rangers 48
• University of Waikato Premier 29 vs Hamilton Girls High School Langman Premier 26
• Allied HOB Premier 41 vs FTNC Premier Reserve 40
• Waikato Diocesan Open A 36 vs University of Waikato Premier Reserve 39
• Iwi Karearea Premier 43 vs Morrinsville Open A 19