National Party leader Todd Muller says Waikato is a key region for New Zealand to kickstart the economy, and added the National Party will strongly focus on developing the region.

The recently elected National Party leader today attended a Waikato Chamber of Commerce breakfast, before heading to Piarere to announce that if elected the National Party would spend $570 million extending the Waikato Expressway from Cambridge to Piarere, a project was axed under the current Government.

"The Waikato is a hugely important region particularly because it's agriculture based and one of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand, it is incredibly diverse economically and from our perspective it forms a part of the beating heart of the country," Muller said.

"Hamilton is absolutely critical to the recovery of the country, so when we think of how we can enable businesses and the wider community recover we have Hamilton at the centre of our thoughts."


Muller reiterated that the Golden Triangle between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga is key to developing the region, and said further announcements in the coming weeks will show National's plans for the regions.

"All the big roading infrastructure projects you see in this city were started by the National Government, and the next projects you see will also be started by the next National Government."

Muller said that Waikato's National MPs - David Bennett, Tim Macindoe and Tim van de Molen - have created a strong foothold for the National Party.

"MPs from this area have pushed so hard for projects such as the Waikato Expressway because they believe in the region," Muller said.

"They saw the value of the investment from the previous National Party Government, and see the value of the future investment of the Piarere extension."

"We signed off that road in terms of vision, and that sort of forward thinking underlines our approach."

Muller took aim at the Government's crop of ministers, saying the recent resignation of David Clark shows the holes in Labour's experience.

"His job was given to the education minister because they don't have anyone else to give it to, the idea that they only have two or three ministers capable of doing anything is not sufficient. We need a National Government to get the job done."

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