Hamilton City Council will continue to raise awareness of courtesy crossings over summer, highlighting the importance of stopping and looking before crossing the road.

Courtesy crossings are becoming more noticeable across the city. They're designed to slow traffic and provide obvious cues to all road users, especially pedestrians, that it's a designated safe place to cross the road.

"It's important that we continue to raise awareness around these crossings, as we had some initial feedback from the community that it was unclear who gives way to who," says Jason Harrison, manager for the council's city transportation unit.

"While vehicles are not obligated to stop for pedestrians, they often do, hence the name 'courtesy crossing'," says Mr Harrison.


When a driver slows and comes to a stop, allowing pedestrians to cross, positive interactions like eye contact and a friendly wave to acknowledge the courtesy is encouraged.

The council's education campaign will continue over the summer and will include social media, local newspaper advertisements, signage and decals (pavement stickers) at key crossings. Messaging will encourage road users to slow down and be extra cautious at these crossings.

"Pedestrians are our most vulnerable road users. We are going to see more people out and about on the streets, especially within our city centre. We hope people will remember the simple message of 'stop, look and listen before crossing'.

"Having this campaign is a good reminder to be vigilant and really look out for each other," says Mr Harrison.