The blue heeler dog involved in a series of dog attacks at Claudelands Park in early January, has been traced by Hamilton City Council's Animal Education and Control team and will be euthanised.

The devastating attack on Jess and Dick Zinsli's dog Beau at Claudelands Park on January 12 resulted in Beau being euthanised due to severe injuries.

Following the attacks, Animal Education and Control increased patrols around the park and began an investigation.

The council said today, the investigation had ended with the dog involved in the attacks being signed over by its owners to animal control on Saturday February 2, "which will result in the dog being put down."


Animal Education and Control manager Susan Stanford said the team had done an amazing job to get to this point.

"We are very grateful for the community coming forward with so much information, without their statements we wouldn't have be able to link back to the exact dog involved," Ms Stanford said.

"It is a tough process making sure we link all the dots and the different statements together to make sure we are positive we've caught the right dog.

"This is a very emotional time for everyone, including the dog owners of all dogs involved and the witnesses. The owners of the blue heeler have been very co-operative."

Animal Control is responsible for the enforcement of dog control laws, dog owner education, school and community dog safety presentations, daily patrols and running the Adopt-a-dog programme.