Train commuters will have to pay to use the planned Park and Ride at the new Te Rapa station, on top of the expected $40 ticket for a return train trip to Auckland.

While no official decision has been made yet, Hamilton Mayor Andrew King told Hamilton News that a small payment of around $5 a day would prevent people not using the train from parking at the facility.

The Park and Ride will be in Tasman Road behind The Base shopping centre, with the possibility of a footbridge connecting it with the bus station at The Base.

Hamilton City Council has not yet decided on which design of two to proceed with. One plan has less parking and no footbridge.


The regional and district council approvals of the rail service sparked much debate and comment on social media — the great majority of it in favour of a new commuter train service.

Jane Thistlethwaite said that with a few tweaks to the model, it will be just as viable as driving a car to Auckland.

"Excellent progress. Once people get the mindset train travel is frequent and timely enough for them they will park cars and ride by train. If other countries can adjust to this so can NZ," Ms Thistlethwaite said.

"We have to support it in order for it to remain.

"But it must be regular, cost effective, some direct services and others with intermediary stops."

Mark Delport said that $40 was a reasonable price, although was concerned about the price of the park and ride in Hamilton.

"Personally I travel to Auckland once a week. I drive a hybrid so really cheap on fuel around $15 per round trip. It is a bit of a blessing that I do not need to pay for parking. So I think $40 is well worth it.

"The question is how much will parking be in Hamilton to catch the train," Mr Delport said.