Marian Catholic School took delivery this week of two colourful games tables specially made for them by two old boys who are Year 13 technology students at St John's College.

St John's materials technology teacher Steve Andrew said the tech class regularly works with stakeholders and the wider Hamilton community when planning 'giving back' projects.

"This was extra special when we realised the coincidence of Marian being the old primary school of the two boys making the tables," he said.

Riwata Teiwaki made an outdoor table for a new playground area Marian has developed.
Anthony Lewis made an indoor table that includes two lift-out chess boards and space to store games pieces underneath.


St John's provides the Yr 7 and 8 technology curriculum to Marian students. A teacher noticed outdoor furniture being made and suggested the tables project.

"At the beginning of the year we took our ideas to Marian to seek feedback," Mr Andrew said.

"St John's boys produced a brief and did the design work. Marian staff and students who are here Tuesdays and Fridays were able to comment on the design and development of our class drawings.

"Year 7 and 8 had major input, including that the tables be colourful," he said.
One major challenge was getting the chess boards meticulously painted with sharp edges to the black and white squares.

"After testing ideas and much trial and error with smoother boards and different masking tape, we got it right," Mr Andrew said.

The two tables are already in use and much appreciated by the Marian staff and students.