Waipā residents are invited to a talk on trash at Bridges Church, Cambridge.

Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince, from Wellington, are presenting their popular talk on zero waste living including the practicalities and philosophy of waste reduction.

The event is part of the couple's travelling project, The Rubbish Trip, taking a zero waste message around New Zealand.

Drawing on their own research and over three years of experience living zero waste, Hannah and Liam guide the audience through life without a rubbish bin, including:


- What is the zero waste movement?

- Why is waste reduction important?

- How zero waste principles can revolutionise your perspectives on living and lifestyle beyond your rubbish bin.

- Innovative examples of waste minimisation policy, practice and thinking from around the globe, and how these might inform community-level waste reduction.

- Tips on reducing the rubbish in your life.

The free event is at Bridges Church, 28 Duke St, on Wednesday, September 19 at 6.30pm. Free zero waste nibbles will be provided.

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