A Hamilton student is buzzing after being invited to an exclusive performance by one of the world's biggest pop/rock bands, Sydney-based 5 Seconds of Summer.

Jaimee Stewart, 20, met band members when they played a small pre-show on Tuesday afternoon, thanks to Starship Hospital and ASBmusicnz.

The band performed the short set before their sell-out evening performance at the Logan Campbell Centre.

Jaimee said it was the experience of a lifetime when she was invited to meet band after her health struggles.


"It was really cool to get invited," Jaimee said.

"It was great. It was a small group which made it really intimate."

Jaimee said it was an appropriate time for some good news since she had been in and out of hospital recently.

When she was three years old she had a liver transplant and became the first paediatric liver transplant patient in New Zealand.

She subsequently had two more operations.

"That has had a lot of effect on my life."

Although Jaimee did not have tickets to their show in the evening, she enjoyed listening to the five-song set-list from their new album.

"I got to meet them briefly. It was cool."

Jaimee said her doctors do not know what happened to her original liver.

"It just died," she said. "The other two surgeries were from my body rejecting other transplants."

Due to the immunosuppressants that Jaimee must take, she has developed Type One diabetes as a side effect.

Growing up, Jaimee felt isolated and spent a lot of time in her room. She could not play sport because her liver is in a different position to everyone else's.

"It was too dangerous," she said.

"I couldn't swim in public pools and I couldn't even play in the McDonald's playground. It didn't have that much effect when I was small but when I grew up, I spent a lot of time alone."

Jaimee also suffers from chronic exhaustion, which means she has been in and out of four different high schools.

"I didn't get a formal education," she said. "I would fall asleep at my desk."

Being a first-year communications student at Wintec has been "quite weird" as she has been able to keep a group of friends for more than the week she had grown accustomed to.

"The best part has been my classmates," Jaimee said.

"They are so funny and nice to be around."

Jaimee attended the 5 Seconds of Summer meet-and-greet with a friend from Wintec, Imogen Watson.

"I am very grateful to Starship for what they did for me in the past and for keeping me in mind now."