Traffic lights will be installed at Hamilton's Thomas Rd and Gordonton Rd intersection, with construction starting in October.

It is one of Hamilton's deadliest intersections and the aim is that traffic lights will help prevent further crashes.

In addition the speed limit on that section of Gordonton Road looks likely to be reduced to 60 km/h.

At a city council meeting on Tuesday, council approved the traffic light plan and starting to consult the community about reducing the speed limit.


The speed limit will need to decrease for traffic lights to be installed

The site is currently listed on the NZ Transport Agency list of High Risk Intersections at number 18 nationally.

A roundabout was also discussed but council staff said traffic lights were the preferred option as they minimised land use and will cost $2 million.

A roundabout had an estimated cost of $4 million.

Physical works for the Thomas/Gordonton intersection upgrade will commence in October and be complete in December.

In the interim staff are continuing to monitor the intersection.

Traffic volumes along Gordonton Road have been steadily growing in the past few years, reflecting the growth in the residential housing in the north eastern corner of the city and within the adjacent Waikato District area.

Along with upgrades to the Thomas Rd/Gordonton Rd, a new Puketaha Rd/Gordonton Road intersection will open up on to St James Drive.

Finance has been put aside in the 2020/21 year of Hamilton's 10 Year plan, but the council will be required to buy land to continue with the Puketaha plan. The council hopes that this will ease the pressure off Thomas Rd as people will be able to have another route into Huntington and Rototuna.

The Thomas Rd/Gordonton Rd intersection has had 15 crashes recorded since January 1 2017 before variable speed signs were installed in October last year.

Despite the speed signs, four more crashes were recorded up until February.