Labour list MP Jamie Strange has called out disrespectful people who have lost their sense of community after a spike in crime in the Rototuna area.

He says the Rototuna suburb has been rocked by the upsurge in crime, which includes assaults at Callum Brae Park, the road underpasses near the Pukete bridge and regular break-ins the Rototuna McDonald's and BP by the shopping centre.

"There are a number of factors that contribute to crime, but I believe it boils down to a lack of respect for other people and authority," Mr Strange said.

"Many people, particularly young people, have lost their sense of purpose, community and belonging, and have adopted negative forms of behaviour, without fear of consequence.
"Unfortunately a selfish, me-first mentality has pervaded many areas of our society."


The increase in criminal activities in the Rototuna area has sparked action from the local MP and city councillor James Casson who will be hosting a community meeting on Wednesday, March 14 at Rototuna Junior High School.

Mr Casson and Mr Strange are inviting the public, local business owners, police, Members of Parliament from a range of parties and victims of crime.

The meeting will also hear a video message from Minister of Police Stuart Nash who is unable to attend.

Mr Strange said that the community outcry for a response to happen was too strong to ignore.

"Cr Casson and I have been engaging with a number of people who have been the victims of various forms of crime, particularly burglaries, armed robberies, violent acts, and intimidation," Mr Strange said.

"The feeling is that this is getting worse, and that people have had enough. In light of this, we have decided to co-host a community meeting to discuss what can be done to support our hard-working police force and others to put a stop to this."

This meeting will provide a public forum to discuss the ongoing crime issues in Hamilton, and the potential solutions that are being discussed, promised, and currently under way. Information will also be provided on how communities can work together to improve safety in their local neighbourhoods.

"At the meeting, the Minister of Police will outline a number of areas in which central government can assist."