Hamilton City Council has dropped a user-pays charge for its rubbish and recycling scheme in the proposed 10 year plan.

In Mayor Andrew King's proposed budget he had put a weekly charge of about $5 to put out bins, with the council spending $28.5 million over the next 10 years.

In that proposed budget there were plans for three bins per household — for rubbish, recycling and food waste.

Councillor Mark Bunting amended the original plan for different collection times and dropping the user-pay charge, moving the charge back into general rates.


Mayor King withdrew his original motion with the council voting 12-0 for Mr Bunting's idea.

With Mr Bunting's plan, only the food waste bin would be emptied weekly.

The rubbish and recycling bins would be emptied every fortnight.

The cost would be laid out on rates bills and council's estimated spend over the next 10 years would be $81.7 million.

Mr Bunting said user pays would have ignited opposition.

"People will resent the system straight away. They will rebel," Mr Bunting said.

"One ticket for three bins could be really logistically hard to sort out.

"If you're having $5 for all three bins you have three different trucks come along, they take away the first one. How are you going to know who's paid for what?"


Councillor Dave Macpherson said the user-pays system would had been an administrative nightmare.

"I can't see a system that would work easily with that, with all sorts of other options on the go at the same time," Mr Macpherson said.

Councillor Angela O'Leary said Mr Bunting's amendment was a great idea.

"Once it is here, it is a fantastic thing and I just have to reiterate that it is decisions like this that have a tangible effect on the daily lives of people in a good way."

She said that the Waste Plan's public feedback was still the most ever received by council staff. The amendment will go out to public consultation with the 10 year plan.