Hula hooping - it's still a fun pastime for kids, even in our digital age. But it's also a great form of exercise for adults, which has taken the Auckland market by storm and is on its way to Hamilton.

Founder of Powerhooping NZ Amy McAuley is looking for locations in Hamilton to host demonstrations and for people to train as instructors with a view to holding regular classes.

"We have demos planned for around the country over next few weeks including in Hamilton - it's a great way to get in shape and it has the fun factor," said Amy.

The classes, says Amy, are suitable for anyone of any age, shape, size and fitness level. Top athletes have been known to attend the classes alongside first-timers.


"The eldest we've had along is 76. The majority of people who attend the classes tend to be women, although Amy has heard from women whose husbands do the hooping exercises at home.

Hooping is said to be a great core workout but because the colourful hoops are weighted, participants also get an upper body resistance and cardio workout.

Amy is keen to hear from a business, such as gyms or health centres, that may wish to host a powerhooping demo. She would also like to hear from those who may be interested in becoming a powerhooping instructor.

"The classes can be run from in gyms through to places like a community hall. Someone who's been a zumba instructor, for example, is ideal."

Contact Amy on 021 431 974, email or visit
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