Hamilton City Council is advertising four zoo keeper roles at Hamilton Zoo.

Chief executive Richard Briggs said the roles are to replace a staff member who has moved into another role and the other three are required to enable the zoo to put in place the two keeper protocol that was announced following Samantha Kudeweh's death.

"After Samantha Kudeweh died, we immediately introduced a two-keeper process for management of tigers," said Briggs. "This was to ensure we were providing our staff with the right level of on-the-job support during what has been a very emotionally stressful time for them.

"The additional three staff are to provide for an on-going two-keeper system for tigers as well as two-keeper cover for the chimpanzees."


Briggs said it was important to note there are no set industry standards for these species and each zoo or wildlife park has different routines for these animals.

"And obviously it's essential our staff follow whatever process we have in place."