Lovers of all things vintage and retro are bound to appreciate Market Place - billed as the place to shop for nostalgia and handmade items.

Market Place is the brainchild of Kelli Pike, a self-proclaimed vintage and retro addict. Kelli and husband James both have "the bug" for collecting anything and everything from bygone eras.

They frequent the Tamahere Collectors' Market as well as other markets around the region, but Kelli decided to set up her own outlet where she could sell her wares alongside other like-minded locals.

Market Place, at Hillcrest Chapel on December 14, will see two dozen stallholders sell nostalgia collectibles, boutique children's clothing and other locally made crafts.


A stay-at-home mum, Kelli has turned her "hobby" into something that helps supplement her family's income. Kelli and James, with 2-year-old daughter Ella in tow, trawl op shops, markets and garage sales around the North Island for special "finds". Their home is a treasure trove of collectibles and any of it can be priced and end up on Kelli's stall for sale.

Kelli loves seeing people fall in love with collectibles.

"I love when someone picks something up and cradles it; you know it'll be treasured. And hearing people's stories is wonderful. They'll see something and it brings back memories ... "ohhh my nana had that, or my aunty had one of those"."

Market Place is at Hillcrest Chapel, Masters Ave, Saturday, December 14, 8am-midday. Free entry. More information at