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They are not quite sure why - but Waikato's cheerleaders appear to be out in the cold this winter.

The cheerleaders, still smarting after they were dumped by the Waikato Rugby Union two years back, have now been told they won't be needed at the National Agricultural Fieldays, where they are known as Suzuki girls.

The Suzuki girls entertained the Fieldays audience for years, travelling between sites and performing in sometimes wintry open-air conditions.

Communications advisor, Ariana Tucker says changes to the Fieldays line-up are made to meet the demands of their rural audience.

"The Cheerleaders were an excellent source of entertainment in the past, but we're exploring more agricultural focused forms of entertainment."

The Fieldays rebuff comes after the Chiefs Super Rugby Franchise overlooked the Cheerleaders to provide half time entertainment this year.

Waikato Rugby Union, a separate organisation to the Chiefs Super Rugby Franchise has not had cheerleaders for about two years.

Marketing and Events manager for Waikato Rugby Union, Paul Shattock said the Union discontinued cheerleaders due to the expense, saying the group  was not in line with the ITM Cup brand.

"Though we did have promotional cow girls last year and are likely to do so again."

Ex-Cheerleader, Annabel Arrowsmith says she feels as if the Chiefs is the only team without Cheerleaders.

"We were good brand ambassadors last year."

Shattock could not speak on behalf of the Chiefs and attempts to contact Marketing and Promotion Executive at the Chiefs Super Rugby Franchise, Stacey Addenbroke, were unsuccessful.