You can trust fashion designers to remind us winter's not far away.

It seems that as soon as we're back to work from the summer holidays, it's time to start buying a new wardrobe for the colder days ahead.

Pants are back for this autumn and winter. Not jeans and sweatpants, but tailored, classy pants that work as well in the boardroom as they do on a night out.

Patterns are still everywhere - there's lots of brocade about which can look amazing teamed with a monochrome peplum top. It might be a step too far for most of us, but even leather pants are popping up on the legs of the world's most fashionable. There is still a bit of colour blocking going on but if you are opting for a bright pair of pants, keep everything else simple. Both the cut and the rest of your outfit will need to be relatively neutral to let the colour be the star.


If you're wearing cigarette pants, match them with your highest heels. The longer your pants, the higher your heels should be.

Lots of women are scared of wearing pants, and tailored ones in particular, for fear that they will draw attention to their hips and bum. But there are ways to look amazing in pants, no matter what your size. Here are a few tips to find the perfect pair for your body shape.


If you're a pear shape, you might be used to reaching for bootleg pants.

However, flares will have a similar balancing effect and are more fashionable. Straight pants are a good option if you like the skinny look but aren't brave enough to go all the way. Stay clear of really intricate patterns.


Heels will help give you height and a wide-leg will balance out an ample chest or heavy midriff. Detail around the hips and thighs will also elongate your body.



Hourglass shapes can handle most styles - although skinny pants do require a bit of confidence. If you're not very tall, don't go for anything too wide.


The perfect shape for skinny or tapered pants, rectangles will find a cinched waist gives the appearance of a curvier silhouette.

If you're trying a pair of pants on, don't worry too much if they are overly long. But if they don't fit properly around your bottom, look for another pair. Don't buy anything with an elastic waist. And if you like wet look, remember shine makes your legs look bigger.