Barack Obama's visit to New Zealand is a secret one.

Typically, anyone attending an event that Obama is at is banned from taking photos or videos, or using social media platforms.

So if Obama is playing golf in Northland, as rumoured, we will be unlikely to see selfies with his caddy emerge, unless his caddy is Steve Williams.

Which it isn't, our page 2 story today pours cold water on the theory that Williams is in Northland, so is Obama, therefore they could be walking the fairways alongside John Key and other selected glitterati.


Kauri Cliffs, at Matauri Bay and Carrington Golf Course, on Karikari Peninsula, are two beautiful courses that Obama could grace the greens of.

He could also play at Tara Iti - an exclusive course near Mangawhai that prides itself on privacy - it's the reason why it attracts exclusive members happy to pay expensive membership fees.

Regardless of where he plays, Obama is likely to chopper in and out - you won't see him buying fish and chips at the Mangonui Fish Shop, or filling a rented Holden at a local gas station.

And it is probably going to be an early round, a "dawn session" as surfers call it.

Someone reckoned there were no choppers available in Northland today and tomorrow.

Probably because optimistic media (not in the Northern Advocate's budget sorry) have hired them to buzz a golf course or two.

And even if he doesn't come to Northland, his visit has been good for the region.

"Barack Obama" is one of the world's most popular Google searches (funnily enough, not as popular as Donald Trump, though) and anyone searching it this week will also be looking at stories about Northland.


If the former president does play in Northland, it will be a hole-in-one for the region. If he doesn't, well, we still shot a below par round this week.