Inspired by a time where steam power ruled, the Huddleston Airship at Hamilton Gardens is the latest addition - an ode to the 19th century.

Housed at the Hamilton Gardens, the airship is the newest attraction and the opening was celebrated in true steampunk style on Wednesday.

"The airship is part of all the technology that steampunks use. We're all about new and wonderful things that happen and flying in the sky, of course, is grand technology, the future!" steampunk, Madame X said.

The creation of the Huddleston was inspired by a children's book and its inventors say it serves an important 'mystical' purpose, travelling through the gardens at night, bewitching all who visit.


"It's a nice piece of gardening equipment," Director of the Gardens, Peter Sergel said. "We can float around with steam engine and prune high trees and high-hedges, and deliver mulch and plants to these gardens."

This unique design can be found 'floating' next to the Concept Garden which was also revealed to the public for the first time on Thursday.

The Concept Garden is hidden behind a secret yellow wardrobe.

The project has been two and a half years in the making and is just one part of another three gardens still under construction.

But the Huddleston is a firm favourite for steampunker Trixie Teardrop Malone.

"It's fabulous. Just the little touches like the black smoke where the chimney goes up on the balloon - the detail is fabulous. It means an awful lot to us as performers. It's a place where we can come and show what we do and feel proud."

And for Mrs Minerva Cholmondeley-Smythe it's all about the social occasion "meeting all sorts of people."

"There must be something in me that just wants to show off, to have the adulation that I never had when I was younger."

These steampunks will be right at home as they entertain the crowds over the first few opening days - showcasing an era they are passionate about.

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