Multisport experiance told for the Whanganui team 'Chafing the Dream' as they were victorious in the Men's 4 Person category of the 12 Hour Duathlon at the 2018 Whangamata Adventure Race last Saturday.

Leif Campbell and Nick Payne, who came third overall in the Men's Pair of the Whangamata race in 2016, teamed up with Josh Payne and Ashley Christie, who were winners in the Open and Men's tandem divisions at the 2018 Kathmandu Coast to Coast in February.

The foursome completed the course 12h 33m, ahead of four other teams in their division.
Campbell's partner Kylee Campbell said the 12 race takes place from a base in Opoutere, not far north of Whangamata, and includes five stages which are done in a loop format from the start to the finishline.

"It involves travelling on foot and by mountain bike to collect checkpoints marked on a map.


"The course will take teams on an exciting, cross country adventure through native bush, streams, farmland trails and forestry."

Exactly where the course is laid out is kept secret until the day of the race, with teams receiving maps the night before to play their strategies.

"The race consists of trekking, mountain biking, mystery activities and navigations, had the compass on hand," said Campbell.

Chafing the Dream were able to tick off 34 checkpoints, where their nearest four team opposition managing 32.

"The navigation in the 12 hour race will be much more challenging and will require a competent navigator in your team," was quoted in the race information.

"There will be off track navigation [aka bush bashing], route choice options and some night navigation.

"You will need to be able to accurately navigate through bush at night."

The group looking a little less fresh just after finishing the course last Saturday.
The group looking a little less fresh just after finishing the course last Saturday.