Beach Hop

is on and what a great event that is, held in paradise.

With super-flash cars gracing our roads, let's hope everyone has a blast.

Police will be out in force this week and by the time this is printed it will be in full swing.


The liquor ban started at 4pm on Tuesday so don't be a stat for getting at $250 fine or getting locked up.

The liquor ban covers the whole of Whangamatā township, so look out for the signs (don't say I didn't warn ya).

Extra Police will be deployed to target the problem areas as well as highway patrol and traffic units to keep on top of any dodgy cars.

Please ensure your flash cars are all current and have all cert papers with you ready for inspection at any time.
Unwanted guests

The larger crowds and a busy town tends to bring in some unwanted guests, such as burglars and gang members.

So lock up at all times, don't leave cash or valuables lying around the house unattended.

The gang patch/ insignia ban will be in force on all council and government premises as we do not support organised crime in our town, so as a whole let's keep Whangamatā looking good.

Police will stop and ask that the gang insignia is removed from people wearing these on council and government premises. This means gang patches, supporters t-shirts. Tattoos are not included in this. Refusal may result in arrest and destruction of the item. This is an offence under the Prohibition of Gang Insignia in Government Premises Act 2013.


Dirt bikes

These are for riding on the dirt or on a farm NOT the road or footpath. Please respect others property. We are getting lots of reports of bikes cutting through the Queen's Chain on Moana Point.

One male was unlucky recently and copped a fine for his troubles. Also, if you have a dirt bike stay out of the forestry unless you are in the local motocross club or have a permit for an event.

Op Whakahaumanu

Operation Whakahaumanu is in full swing. This means "rejuvenate, revitalise, revive". Police will be conducting high-visibility patrols to all educational facilities and places of worship.

This is an ongoing operation and will continue into the future.

Keep those cars on the road and safe. Burnouts will result in your car being impounded so let's all enjoy a cracker week and Go the Beach Hop.

Happy days
Whangamatā Police