Tauranga Year 13 student Daniel Cossey has had his rat's tail since he was nine years old.

And now, much to the delight of his family and fellow students at Bethlehem College, the rat's tail has finally come off.

Daniel is one of 20 students at Bethlehem College taking part in the "shave off" where students cut their ponytails or shave their hair to raise money for Kiwis with cancer.

The money raised is donated and the cut hair is used to make wigs for those who have cancer.


"I'm doing the shave off to support people who are struggling with cancer, and especially because my Nana died of cancer," he said.

Daniel's rat's tail has become iconic at school.

"People do know I have a rat's tail and most people have expressed to me how much they don't like it!" he said.

Cassie Nicholson is another student chopping off her beloved hair - 35cm to be precise.

"My Poppa was a big influence in my life and earlier this year he passed away from cancer… it had a huge effect on me and my family," she said.

"For him, he wanted to have a wig. So for me, donating my hair... I know how much it meant to my Poppa to have a wig so for me donate my hair... I know someone will really appreciate it."

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