Fighting out of her age group River City Gym boxer Trinity Albert dominated all three rounds to win in Taupo over the weekend.

The 11-year-old, soon to turn 12 Rutherford Junior High School Year 7 student pitted her skills against and taller, but lighter 14-year-old opponent to take a unanimous victory at an event at Nukis Boxing Gym in Taupo.

Her 17-year-old brother Cornelius Albert was having his first competitive bout on the same card, but lost to a TKO in the second round despite a spirited performance.

Under the watchful eye of trainers Kylie Albert (the mother of both) and Rob Cook, both look to have bright futures in the sport.


"We started with River City Gym ages ago just for fitness and then advanced to boxing," Kylie Albert said.

"Rob and I pretty much focus on the competitive side of boxing as trainers. Trinity was having just her second fight and because of her weight she has to fight older opponents, but she's good. We already have another match-up arranged in three weeks then she's off to the Golden Gloves in Taupo at the beginning of June.

"Cornelius was having his first competitive bout and handled it well even though he got beaten. He will have learned heaps. You learn heaps in the ring, win, lose or draw."