Mount Maunganui's Elin Tawharu, 16, finished in a career best third place at the 2017 Rip Curl GromSearch International Final held on Maresias Beach, Sao Paulo, Brazil over the weekend.

She was one of 16 competitors from seven different regions around the globe, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Indonesia, South Africa and South America.


Women's quarter-finals (first and second to semi, third eliminated)
QF1: Caroline Marks (USA) 14.75 (9.00), Ellie Turner (UK) 12.00 (7.25) def Louisie Frumento (BRA) 7.25 (5.60).
QF2: Sasha Baker (AUS) 12.50 (8.75) Elin Tawharu (NZL) 11.75 (7.00) def Dhea Nastasya (IND) 8.00 (5.50).


Women's semifinals. (first to final, second eliminated)
SF1: Caroline Marks (USA) 16.65 (9.50) def Elin Tawharu (NZL) 9.75 (5.75).
SF2: Ellie Turner (UK) 14.25 (8.50) def Sasha Baker (AUS) 7.75 (4.25).

Women's final.
Caroline Marks (USA) 13.85 (7.5) def. Ellie Turner (UK) 10.05 (5.9)