Peter A Brown in his letter (Letters, April, 15) paints an attractive picture of Jesus, but I see two major inaccuracies.

Brown rightly says that Jesus was fair and loving and compassionate.

Also tolerant. Tolerant? No. Because of his hatred of wrongdoing. This showed itself when he described the religious rulers of his day as being "like white- washed tombs – beautiful on the outside but full of rotten bones on the inside." And another time he talked of a terrible fate awaiting those who cause little children to go astray.

Which brings me to the second inaccuracy. Brown may be right in saying that Jesus never spoke of unrepentant people burning in hell, but he often talked about hell, or "outer darkness" as the destination for wrongdoers and the unrepentant.


If, as stated, Jesus was so tolerant and inoffensive, then why would the authorities of the day have conspired to have him crucified?

But I am thankful that they did, because his death brought forgiveness to us poor erring sinners. We commemorate that every Easter.

If you want to find out which of us is right about the character and words of Jesus, then read the gospels of Matthew and Luke, as both writers were disciples of his for three years.

Don Campbell
Gate Pa

God defend NZ

Bryan Simmonds' (Letters, April 10) comments about the Crusaders name change were a breath of fresh air, bringing balance to "Jacindraism", where anything contrary concerning Muslims is considered hate speech. May I continue.

I am staggered with disbelief that the police hierarchy convinced RSAs to cancel some Anzac commemorations due to alleged risks of terrorist attacks.

Where would those attacks come from? The only "enemies" the Anzacs had were the Turks, who are Muslims. It has never been an issue pre the shootings.

Anzac Day is our national remembrance day - it's not sectarian. What are the Government and the police not telling us?


If Anzac Day is under threat due to the shootings, what will the police and this Government say to the Muslim community concerning Ramadan – their national days.

Will they tell them they can't celebrate those days? Not likely.

When does the "risk" cease when it popped up out of nowhere?

Wake up NZ, you are being manipulated. Why are we submitting ourselves to fear and subjugation – something we have never done before. It flies in the face of the closing words of our national anthem:

"May our mountains ever be
Freedom's ramparts on the sea…

"God defend New Zealand."

Bryan Archer

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