Fire and Emergency NZ are attending reports of a power pole on fire in Welcome Bay.

It comes as more than 1500 properties are affected by a power cut across Welcome Bay and Maungatapu.

A Fire and Emergency spokesman confirmed they were called to reports of a power pole on fire in Welcome Bay.

"We are investigating but we haven't found it yet.


"We are now just waiting for power [team] to see if they need our help with anything."

The Power Co website had listed 1576 properties affected in Maungatapu following a power outage about 7.50pm.

The website estimated power to be back on at 12.50am.

In Welcome Bay, 71 properties were listed as affected. The website stated the power outage happened at 7.03pm and would return about 12am.

It further stated a site investigation was underway to determine the cause of the outage.

While Matt Bloxham was travelling from Tauranga towards Welcome Bay on Turret Rd, he said his son saw the sky light up, towards the Welcome Bay underpass.

"We missed it, [but] within seconds the whole sky went blue - it was out there."

He said once they had gone through the underpass, it appeared there was no power in the houses or the traffic lights.


He said the power seemed to be on past Kaitemako Rd.