A Te Puke woman had a birthday to remember when she discovered that she had won $1 million with Lotto First Division.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, had a million extra reasons to celebrate with her family after she won the life-changing amount last Wednesday.

"It's the most awesome birthday present I could've ever wished for," said the regular Lotto player.

The woman visited her local bank on Tuesday and while she was there, decided to pop into the Four Square to treat herself to a Lucky Dip Lotto ticket for her birthday the following day.


She did not watch the draw on Wednesday night but got a call from her partner the following morning telling her that someone in Te Puke had won $1 million, and she should check her ticket.

"I thought it can't be me, we never win, but I went online to get the numbers so I could check my ticket," she said.

"I wrote down all of the numbers and I couldn't believe it when they all lined up on the first line of my ticket. I thought I was seeing things."

Her partner's Mum and Dad were in another room, so she asked them to double check the ticket for her.

"We were all just so happy. We were jumping around and hugging each other. I couldn't believe it was happening.

"It was the most lovely surprise and a moment I will never forget. Every year I will always remember that we won Lotto on my birthday."

The woman called her partner straight away to tell him the good news.

"He said 'Oh man that is the best news I've ever heard - I'm going to be smiling all day.'"


The couple, who will continue to work, are looking forward to buying their first home.

"We have been saving hard to buy our first home. It has always been our dream, and this makes it a reality. This win takes the financial pressure off and gives us some options."

The winning ticket was sold at Te Puke Four Square in Te Puke for the Lotto Draw on May 20.