Supermarket runs and people driving with no purpose were some of the reasons which brought motorists to police checkpoints in Tauranga today.

Tauranga Response Manager Acting Inspector Mark Pakes said a number of people were driving without reason, and further than required.

Checkpoints were set up throughout the Tauranga area this morning.

Pakes said they gave officers the opportunity to educate and encourage motorists about the current level 4 restrictions.


"Although the majority of today's motorists were essential workers, or traveling to essential appointments, there were a number of people driving without reason and further than required," Pakes said.

The most common reason was travelling to supermarkets for supplies outside of their neighbourhood, he said.

"To prevent the spread of Covid-19, we must remain in our own neighbourhoods, where possible."

Police checkpoints were set up around Tauranga today. Photo / Andrew Warner
Police checkpoints were set up around Tauranga today. Photo / Andrew Warner

Moving throughout other areas places more people at risk, so it is extremely important to use the nearest supermarkets and facilities.

Staff received very positive feedback from motorists and will continue to support our communities via checkpoints throughout the weekend.

Pakes said motorists driving out of town were questioned to see they were okay, and what support they might need.

"If necessary, our staff will provide advice on self-isolation and ensure members of the public are complying with the current restrictions.

"Our focus remains on keeping people safe."