A Kawerau baker who sells her goods online has dished out surplus stock to the community after a cancelled order.

Kelley Makela has been running her registered baking business Strictly Sweet Cakes by Kelz from Kawerau for the past nine months. Prior to news of the lockdown, her order book was full.

Kawerau baker Kelley Makela has distributed her perishable goods to the community. Photo / Supplied
Kawerau baker Kelley Makela has distributed her perishable goods to the community. Photo / Supplied

"On Monday I let everyone know I would be closing immediately and that orders placed for April could not go ahead," Makela said.

Because of the Covid-19 lockdown, the cancellation of a large catering event and her supplier's inability to return purchased goods, Makela found herself with a glut of ingredients and other supplies.


"I divided up all of my supplies into bags and let the Kawerau community know they could come and take what they needed. This included flour, sugar, eggs, milk, crackers, gherkins, stuffed peppers, grapes and a pineapple."

By 3pm everything had been collected.

"I was aware of a lot of families in Kawerau that had been unable to get the basics, flour, milk and eggs, so rather than it all sitting here, I decided to give it to people who needed it.

"Our supermarket workers are going flat-tack but even so, there are still empty shelves. I believe if you're in a position to help then you should."

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce chief executive Matt Cowley said eateries unable to sell or return their stock should look to gift their perishable supplies to charities who deliver food to those in need.

"As some social charities are considered to be an essential business, eateries could work with an eligible local social charity so your perishable stock could be shared with those in need."

He said people would need to check with the charity first and meet a number of health and safety precautions.

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