Contractors are working with a local tennis club to rectify an embarrassing muck-up after an upgrade left 10 courts too short and wide.

TVNZ reported the mistake was first picked up when members of Mount Maunganui Tennis Club tried to set up the nets and found the dimensions were out.

One member said a court was "about two metres too short, and about two metres too fat".

Spokeswoman Jane Broughton told the Bay of Plenty Times that Fulton Hogan and Coastline Markers were working with Harbourside Netball to rectify the incorrect marking of the tennis courts.


"The first step in this process will be to correct the markings on the existing surface, which is being carried out this weekend," she said.

"Unfortunately, while we are pleased with the quality of the surface of the courts, it was disappointing that the marking was flawed.

"We are committed to the communities in which we work, and are working with Harbourside Netball to ensure a quality surface with correct markings is achieved."

Harbourside Netball declined to comment.