Water has been restored to about 850 properties this morning.

Discoloured water could be affecting the surrounding Waitaha Rd area after the main water supply was damaged yesterday.

Tauranga City Council advises residents to run their tap water for about 10 minutes to flush the line if experiencing any discoloured water.

The water supply in Welcome Bay was shut down from 10pm last night to conduct emergency repairs impacting an estimated 850 properties. It was turned back on again about 1.30am.


Residents were asked to fill up a container for use during the night if they need it, or make alternative arrangements if they require continued water supply.

If any problem persists contact council on 07 577 7000.

Roads impacted
Astor Place
Peregrine Place
Osprey Drive
Highcroft Place
Meander Drive
Rosella Drive
Hawk Place
Solander Drive
Langdon Way
Falcon Drive
Whitby Place
Keam Way
Kite Way
Te Auhi Way
Zachary Place
Farrow Way
Mamaku Rise
Portland Street
Riverstone Drive
D'Urville Way
Waitaha Road
Eagle Street
Bateleur Close
Petrel Place
Lark Place
Kestrel Avenue
Molyneux Place
Thornlea Drive
Pelorus Street
Vanderbilt Place
Mynah Place
Raptor Way
Philomel Crest
Orakei Place
Avon Rise
Maddison Place
Goldfinch Place

Note that the shutdown may impact on other roads in the vicinity and that this is therefore not a definitive list.