I am against any changes to present waste-collection system (Local news, April 17).

This is just another way of raising rates, which are already impossible to cope with.

We have now got water meters on a separate charge but once again rates did not drop but increased, thus it was a double raise.

Katikati has an excellent recycling centre, which is well used.


If the Western Bay of Plenty District Council persists in going ahead with yet another "nice to have" item perhaps it could be made voluntary to join.

No to changes.

Jean Dunlop

Jesus Christ

I'm surprised how few New Zealanders realise that Israel Folau is quoting the words of Jesus from the Bible. See Revelation 21:8.

David Coory

Grateful for hospital

I would like your readers to know that they have a gem of a healthcare facility in their midst - the Tauranga Hospital.

On a recent visit to your lovely country, with its diverse eye-pleasing landscapes, I had the misfortune of needing emergency medical attention.

But I had the good fortune of being admitted to the Tauranga hospital where I received excellent treatment.


The doctors, nurses and specialists, were courteous, prompt and attentive. To them, I shall forever be grateful.

Not only were the medical staff exceptional, but the support personnel were also. And there are no parking fees for visitors.

Paul Dunae

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